Why Choose and Cut?


As we come in to December, it is the perfect time to Choose and have Cut, your favourite Real Christmas Tree. Many families have already chosen and tagged their Christmas Tree during our ” First to the Field” and “Sustainabilitree” events. However you can still experience the fun of wandering through our Field of Growing Trees and choose the Real Tree that suits you or your family best and one of our expert helpers will cut it for you to take home.

Christmas Trees first came to the U.K. sometime in the early 1800’s and became very popular after Queen Victoria had one put up in Windsor Castle. Evergreen trees have been used indoors to celebrate winter festivals of various kinds, for thousands of years, all over the world. They can give, to some, a sense of the Spring to come after the dark Winter and to others, a sense of everlasting life. So when you take your fresh, real Christmas Tree into your home, you are following a very long and lasting tradition.

The tree you choose to have cut, will be ever so fresh and its scent will be fabulous, especially if your choice is one of our Norway Spruce. These, most traditional of Christmas Trees, are our favourite. Perfectly shaped for decorating, place them in a water containing stand and just top up daily to keep them looking great and scenting beautifully, all the way through New Year. Exceedingly good value for money, these trees are just waiting for you. You just can’t buy fresher trees.

If you have any questions about our lovely Norway Spruce Trees, or any of our other varieties, you can send an email to us at info@grappenhalchristmastrees.co.uk